Presentation for the publication of the edited volume, Theorizing Sound Writing by Deborah Kapchan, J. Martin Daughtry, Tomie Hahn, Alex Waterman at NYU Center for the Humanities in 2017

Presentation on “The Aesthetics of Proximity: A Phenomenology of the Auditory Sublime” at Phenomenology in Ethnomusicology Conference in 2018

Interview by International Society for Ethnology and Folkloreabout ethnological sensation in 2016


Listen to The Sound of Home, Interview on Radio Sweden (in English and Swedish), 2015

Perspective on Faith, Interview on BBC Heart and Soul, 2013

The Nerve: Music and the Human Experience. Canadian Broadcasting Company, September 2008. Listen here

Afropop World Wide: Traveling Spirit Masters. October 2009. Listen here.


Fes Sacred World Music Festival- Interview Excerpts

The Music of Trance: A Primer