Listening to the Sounds of Home on Fårö

       “If one were to be formal, one could say that I had found a home, a true home.” — Ingmar Bergman about his first meeting with Fårö     Bergman found his home on the island of Fårö and proceeded to build a dwelling there. Not only did he inhabit the house […]

Fårö Document

“Our relation to place is irrational. There are things that surpass reason therein. There always remains an unknown and invincible power (magnetism, magic, gravity,…) that ties us to a path, a dwelling, a city, a countryside, a hidden place in a residence, in a garden. ….we are secret characters in a grand and multi-century story […]

Traveling Delusions by Noureddine Mhakkak

Traveling Delusions Read the Arabic Version I usually sit on the sofa every morning But these days are not usual No longer the cafe no longer the glance in the mirror when leaving Books wait for me to read them If only on occasion The rocking chair tells stories outloud when I’m not there – […]

“La lecture, l’écriture et l’art de bien vivre”

Entretien avec Deborah Kapchan 18 mars, 2021 | Source: Al-Bayane Propos recueillis par Noureddine Mhakkak Deborah Kapchan est Professeur de Performance Studies à l’Université de New York. Boursière de Guggenheim, elle est l’auteur de Genre sur le Marché : les femmes Marocaines et la tradition (1996 Univ. Of Pennsylvania Press), Traveling Spirit Masters : Musique […]

‘Poetic Justice’: A Snapshot of Contemporary Moroccan Poetry

By M. Lynx Qualey | 19 Mar 2021 | Source: Al-Fanar Media It was 1994 when Deborah Kapchan began work on an anthology of contemporary Moroccan poetry. She was on a Fulbright fellowship, studying Moroccan verbal art and performance when, one night, she found herself at a zajal performance that featured the poets Ahmed Lemsyeh […]